• Clearly define the problem you want to solve. Set a specific question and specify the criteria which should be followed.Sin título

  • Ask a question or say one word, according to which all present will use the associations that comes to mind.
  • Keep the meeting focused on the problem or idea you want to develop.sintitulo2


  • The none of ideas shouldn`t be criticized during the “brainstorming”. Criticism of ideas can pose a risk that members stopped actively participate in the meeting and share ideas. Criticizing stifles creativity in brainstorming.
  •  Encourage ideas of all group members. Encourage everyone to be engage in problem solving as efficient as possible

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  • Try to have fun with the team during the meeting. The greater freedom and relaxed atmosphere, and team members are more relaxed and willing to presenting ideas without fear that they might turn out funny or insufficiently informed. Do not forget that team work is half finished job.


  • Make sure that you do not stay long in one idea

Sin título5

  • Encourage team members to connect on ideas
  • Appoint one person to write down every idea that is imposed during the “brainstorming”.
  • Praise the creativity and dedication of the team during a “brainstorming”

Sin título6

  • The next step is to evaluate those ideas, or the evaluation and selection of the best and most useful.
  • In the evaluation process, participants used the harsh arguments and logic, prior knowledge and experience to make it more fairly evaluate the ideas. In the case, of narrow professional problem, can rely on the opinion and the criteria of experts in the field to be treated.
  • By selecting only those ideas that are functional and practically achievable. Number of selected ideas depending on the nature of the problem, but sometimes the problem may be such that it requires only one solution. Not all ideas from currently achievable. It also does not mean that we reject. All suggestions, ideas and associations, after a careful study should be retained for a period when it might be useful.



  • Brainstorming can be done individually and in groups.
  •  If you do it individually positive is that you do not have to worry about the opinions of others, and you will feel freer and more creative. Disadvantage in this method of work is that the individual bears the risk.

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  • The advantages of group brainstorming is that you can hear opinions and suggestions of to many people as a good way from the beginning of an idea to its realization.
  • Sin título77



Networking Possibilities

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